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«If you torture the data long
enough, it will confess»

My name is Mike Peleah. My passion is to gently coax data into telling us stories about nature. I am working mostly with different social and economic data, describing how people live and how cities and countries develop. You could read some stories in my blog Measuring the Unmeasurable.

If you are interested in more formal presentation, you could have a look at my Curriculum Vitae.

I am member of Toastmasters International public speaking club and find it one of the greatest experiences in my life. I stated in Bratislava club, participated a bit in Chișinău one, and now will continue with Istanbul club.

I like hiking very much (if you know good hiking trails in Turkey, especially around Istanbul, please let me know!). I am collecting paintings and maps.

You could find me in the Internets:
Mihail Peleah
My slides at Slideshare
Mike Peleah
Mike Peleah

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