As a Data Canvas Artist, my expertise lies in the fusion of data analytics and visual storytelling. I specialize in transforming raw data into compelling narratives and captivating visualizations that illuminate insights and drive shared understanding. Through crafting aesthetically appealing visualizations I am creating a dynamic space for dialogue about data and its underlying phenomena, helping to embrace diverse perspectives, and striving to reconcile viewpoints and facilitate forward movement in our collective understanding.

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Skills and experience

Data Skills and more than 10 years experience in working with data, all along data life cycle–from birth of of data from the events of the world to collecting, processing and using them

Trends Analysis capability to provide insightful analysis of current trends and their potential impact on development initiatives through evidence triangulation–from statistical data to personal stories

Data visualization skills for a broad range of data using various tools, from programmatic (R, Python) to handicraft (drawing and photograph)

Interactive Workshops experience in design and facilitation of engaging, hands-on workshops that encourage active participation and learning, in face-to-face, online, and hybrid format

Virtual Facilitation competences and more that 3 years in moderating and facilitating virtual and hybrid meetings and webinars, harnessing technology for global collaboration

Design Thinking Workshops ability to lead design thinking sessions that promote innovation and user-centric tech solutions

Storytelling Techniques using compelling storytelling to convey complex concepts in an engaging and relatable manner

My Toolkit

Data manipulations: Python, Stata, SPSS and R, Excel

Data visualization: Power BI and Tableau

Surveys and stories collection: Mentimeter, Slido, Google.Forms, Microsoft.Forms, SenseMaker

Visual Facilitation: Miro and Mural


Figures and Flowers

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Training and Certifications

Data Analyst Professional Certificate

Introduction to Agile Development and Scrum with Honors

The Language of Design: Form and Meaning

Visualization for Data Journalism

Seeing Through Photographs

Fundamentals of Graphic Design

Information Visualization Specialization

Futures Thinking Specialization