Five Best Practices for a Hybrid Workplace

Hybrid work is here and will stay, it is the new normal. Still, people feel isolated in front of their screens and suffer from Zoom fatigue. What could be done?

🌟 Help employees stay connected to the mission—this keeps the company culture alive, even virtually.

🤗 Practice Empathetic Leadership—build relationship, pay attention, and make a space for small talk.

🔄 Communicate synchronously when possible to keeping people connected.

Healthy work-life balance. Setting work boundaries will help make everyone feel important and empowered. NB: I add to all emails a line “🤖 You could receive this email outside of your regular working hours. Please respond it when appropriate. Bip!”

💤 Don’t fall into the “curse of knowledge”—other people might not understand what you are talking about. Less is more…

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