Meet less, write more!

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We all survived meetings that could be an email. But could we do better? Tremendous summarized its high-documentation, low-meeting work culture in a blog post. Couple of takeaways:

🎯 Every meeting must have a reason—WHY are we meeting?—what Tremendous calls “meeting mindfulness”. Low-meeting culture is giving people the space and time they need to make innovative decisions. Meetings are reserved to discuss particularly heated topics and communicate on projects that require high-bandwidth collaboration

🤪 There are huge hidden costs of meetings, a 30-minute actually takes 68 minutes—15 minutes for preparation, 30 minutes meeting per se and 23 minutes to refocus. When meetings lack agendas, the efficiency cost quickly becomes grave

📑 High-documentation culture is the recipe for more productive, transparent, thoughtful, scalable, and efficient work. Writing a document—instead of shiny slides—forces people to focus on communicating their ideas as clearly as possible. While it comes with cost—time for writing (and editing), the benefits are clear—onboard and scale becoming easy. Thanks to searchable, traceable, public record of all significant decisions, projects, and initiatives across the organization

👩‍💻 Learn from successes. Professional development is a by-product of having access to the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of every impactful decision the company makes. Peer reviews help to learn and grow from the evolution of their own recommendations and proposals. It also teach people to provide feedback in a constructive, consistent and public manner (rather than derisive seagull-like critique)

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